Rotary Club


Another regular feature of the Club’s year is a Christmas party for pupils of a primary school or centre in an underprivileged area. There is always at least one entertainer, carols are sung by the children and a lunch box is served. Perhaps the most moving sight is seeing some children leaving with their lunch boxes, to share with their brothers and sisters back home. Father Christmas never fails to appear to distribute presents to all the children. For some children, it may be their only moment of Christmas celebration. Started in 1982, the event regularly caters for 125 to 150 children, when necessary selected as the most deserving individuals. Our project has served as a model for others to follow so that more disadvantaged groups of children are now reached than ever before.

Due to Covid-19 and the changes to school terms, we made exceptional arrangements in 2020, providing gifts and snacks to Mouvement d’aide a la maternite (MAM) for distribution to youngsters and their mothers in Cité Anoska in early December. Hopefully, in 2021 we will again have one of our normal Christmas Tree events!

Most of the presents and food are provided by Rotarian families, although additional support, particularly in kind, is invaluable.