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This again is a major and long-running project, designed to promote a reading culture among children preparing for the CPE (now PSAC) in the Port Louis region. It also helps to develop team spirit and encourage general knowledge and learning skills. Close to 4,000 primary-school children have taken part as team members since the Quiz was launched and many more taught about the history of Port Louis during each school’s preparations for the event.

Sponsorship has enabled the winning team to receive prizes, ranging from book vouchers to a day or weekend in a hotel. The success of both this and the Brains’ Trust also owes much to the dedication of pupils’ teachers in preparing the youngsters for their participation, and to the support of the Ministry of Education.

A star prize is given to the winning team and a certificate is also given to all finalists.

Current annual cost: Rs45,000, mainly for prizes. At one time in the past, the winning team received an overnight stay, sponsored by a hotel…


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